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Magic from ImageMagick

 ·  โ˜• 1 min read

Sometimes art assets need to be tweaked before they are added to a game. Resizing is one of such tweaks.
So, how to change beautiful into small?
The answer is ImageMagick

After install the magic of resizing is done like this:

convert fileName_* -resize 32x32 newFileName_%02d.png

Parameters are described in official documenation, and in numerous tutorials, such as

But the joy of resizing is not enough for us, is it? It would be nice to create a sprite sheet from nice and small tiles. This can be done with:

montage -background transparent -geometry 32x32 newFileName_??.png spritesheet.png

In my case 83 png tiles were 256 by 256 pixels with total size 21 Mb. After conversion to tiles 32x32 the total size is 73 Kb.

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