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Unity plugin: auto-export PNG from aseprite files

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I am using Aseprite Animation Workflow, and sometimes stumble upon the need of checking what art is already integrated in the game and what is not.

Problem is that file managers can show png, jpg and some other types of graphical files, but not aseprite files. So I have to run Aseprite and open every file manually.

Also VCS support in Jetbrains Rider can show changes in graphical files, but again it doesn’t support Aseprite. A solution for this inconvenience is to have an exported png for every aseprite file. That’s exactly what this editor plugin does: listens for changes in aseprite files, and saves them as png files.

The code is on GitHub under MIT license. I’m using Linux Mint for development, so not sure how difficult it would be to support Windows and MacOS. My guess is that not very hard as both scripts are half-page long.

PS. One more trick with Aseprite is described here.

PPS. The plugin to convert krita-files to png is described here.

A little demo:

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